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Intro to Torsten {Utah Wedding Photographer}

May 8, 2009

My name is Torsten Bangerter. I started my photography career back in 2004. I began that journey with a Canon Powershot A300 this was my very first camera. It wasn’t too bad. It cost me a whopping $130 if I remember right. It was only 3.2 Megapixels. But it treated me well. I used that camera for 3 years then I left it on a bus never to be seen again. The next camera that I bought was a Canon Powershot G2. This was a pretty totally awesome camera. It gave me a lot more control than the A300. Great camera. After that I went into the big leagues. I got my first digital SLR the good old digital rebel. The only lens I had was 70-210. It was pretty sad. But soon along came summer and I was shooting a lot of pics at scout camp and I realized I needed some thing much wider. I soon then picked up a Tamoron 28-70 which helped me a lot. Well After about a year I deiced it was about time to get something newer. I sold my rebel and got a 1D Mark II. This is what I shoot with today.

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