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Wyoming Trip

May 8, 2009

Last week my kid sister graduated for UVU with her Associates. My grandparents had deiced to come watch their first grandchild graduate. So my parents just had a great thought that I should go home with them back to Laramie. So I packed my bags and toke the 7 hour journey to Laramie. We got to Laramie Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening I went to my Aunt Janine’s friend house and we watch Bride Wars. It is an Interesting film. Pretty funny. On Monday I went to Cheyenne to visit my Aunt Roberta and the rest of the Glenns. I visited the Sierra Trading Post for the first time and got some great deals on some clothes. I was able to buy a Columbia shirt and pants for $30. I then stayed the night at Tom and Bonnie’s house, then the next morning Roberta cut my hair. Soon after getting my hair cut Grandma and Grandpa came to pick me up in Cheyenne. Tuesday Evening I went with Janine and Kristie to Williams house for a Cinco De Mayo “Party”. This Party consisted of Janine, Kristie, William and I hanging out at his house. We ate some homemade Goucamule and some quesdillas, they were some good eats. We then played some weird game called mormon bridge. All and all there were some good times to be had. On Wednesday Grandps and I went fishing to the Laramie River. There we cought some fish.

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