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Wyoming Trip Part 2

May 10, 2009

This is the second half of my week in Wyoming. On Wednesday night we went and saw Xmen origins Wolverine. I thought it was a good movie. It was pretty action packed. The acting was great. All around it was a great movie. Thursday my grandpa decided that we would get some manure for his garden. On the other side of town there is this old guy that he knows who used to have horses but i guess does not anymore but still has lots of manure left. So we loaded this really small trailer on the back of the Tundra, which looked totally ridiculous. After we loaded it in the trailer we dumped it in the garden. Grandpa had a really hard time backing into the garden but we got her done. The garden looked pretty barren until we spread the stuff around. The spreading of the manure was pretty laboring. Throw that shovel full throw it again, very laboring. That took up most of our day. Before dinner Grandma and I went to the bookstore of the UW to get a Nalgene. I had been looking all week for a Pokes Nalgene but couldn’t find one anywhere, but I was able to find one at the bookstore. Later that night Kristi came over and we played some games and made some smoothies with a thing called the bullet.

On Friday grandpa and I went fishing again. We first went to the river but after fishing it for an hour we caught nothing, so we left and went to a lake. At the lake we did not catch anything either. When we got back to the house I played a game called chicken foot with grams and gramps. Of course I lost the game but oh well I guess I will work on those skills. Janine came home then we ate some pizza. Grandma says that anything that is not Hawaiian pizza is too spicy so we had one of those and a meat lovers. Janine and I then went to Kristi’s house to play some b-ball with Tyler Kristi’s nephew.

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