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Salt Lake Temple Visit

May 15, 2009

Yesterday we made the journey to the Salt Lake temple. It was my second time visiting it. We planned on leaving at 6:30 from Alberson’s in Lehi but who ever leaves on time anyway. So it is about 6:25 when the girls end up picking me up, so go figure. Well we start to leave and I call George to tell him that we are leaving Eagle Mountain and will be there some time soon. After a few minutes we arrive at Alberson’s after George calling us a few times to see when we are going to get there. As soon as we arrive George goes in to this eyeglasses place and tells us that he will be a few minutes and all he is really doing is flirting with some girl in the store. While he is in there in the store Suzi is trying to find something to cover her seat with something because I kid spilled root beer all over it. So it comes time for George to come in to the car and he just starts moving all this stuff and than he decides that it we should go in his car instead.

We arrive at the Trax Station about 7:30 and started to ride the train to Temple Square. We had some totally awesome times on the Trax.

We got to temple square at about 8:00 or so. There was a lot of construction going on so the regular baptistery entrance was closed so we went in the big regular entrance for the whole temple and had to go down some long tunnels but we finally found our way in. We had some great experiences in the temple. We were the last group and ended up getting out of the temple around 9:20 so no temple cheesecake for George because the cafeteria was closed. We walked around the temple grounds a little while and took some awesome pictures.

After playing around on Temple Square for a while we decided that it was time to get some food. So we jumped back on the train to go down to the gateway. First we went to the food court but of course it was close because it was 10:00. We walked around some more and came across an Applebees that was open. Michelle and I decided that we were not very hungry so we only ordered dessert. I ordered this thing called the Mile High Ice Cream Pie it is just super good. Michelle ordered some dessert shot thing, George some pasta, and Suzy ordered some wrap or something. We read on a paper on the table that if a manager does not come by to visit your table that you get a $10 off your next meal, so we was sure that he wasn’t going to come by but then all the sudden about before we were to leave he shows up oh how depressing.

After our grand fun times at Applebees we caught our train home. When we got to the sandy stop I was the only one to get off. The others were just standing there for a while. They were making faces at me. I went to press the button to let me in but it was not working. They same for their side. I guess they were locked in. The Operator lady had to come open the doors for them. But overall we had some great times.

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  1. Janine permalink
    May 15, 2009 10:56 pm

    that is a freaking nice looking shirt you have there, Torsten…=)

  2. Kristi permalink
    May 15, 2009 11:04 pm

    HEY!!! I was about to say “what a nice shirt” hehe did your dorky aunt Janine give that to you?

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