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Studio Photowalk

February 14, 2010

The past week has been just great for Photography.  On Thursday I rode the train to the SLC library for a Photo Clinic.  Before hand a few of my photog friends and I went to Charlie Chows for dinner.  Dinner at Charlie Chows was great.  Our server’s name was Grant, he was a great character.  So I were this pepsi shirt and he kept commenting on pepsi and stuff it was great. After that we headed to the Library for the Clinic.  The clinic was taught by the two Davids, Dav.d Daniels and David Terry.  Dav.d is a great fun loving photographer, if you haven’t had a chance to meet him you are missing out.  David Terry is just a black hole full of knowledge and loves to share it.

On Saturday we had our Studio Photowalk.  It was held at the Gateway community church.  There were many different studio setups, Including a Lensbaby, Giant Umbrella, Trampoline, 2 High Keys, and many others.  The host photographers were so generous to do this for us.  Anyway lets move on to some Pics.

This First one was taken at the Lensbaby setup.  This lens is a selective focus lens.  It allows for creativity to just run freely.  You can also put different aperture disc in it to create wonderful bokeh.  The bokeh was created by string lights in the background.

This second shot was shot at the trampoline station.  We had four lights it was super fun.

This one was taken at the crazy giant umbrella station.  This thing had to be about 12′ across.  It was a monster.  Here we were creating a butterfly look.  There were two lights, one above and on below.

These two were shot at the high key station.  There were three lights.  The Main light was a studio strobe and there were two rim lights, those were speedlites.

This was setup was a few lights and a reflector.  I love the black background.

This one was super cool too.  This setup shows what you can do with just one light.

You can see more on my smugmug,

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  1. James permalink
    March 1, 2010 8:13 pm

    Torsten is that the Pespsi shirt I gave u. That is cool.

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