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Climate Change and Becoming green

March 2, 2010

A few days ago Tom Zeller an editor from the New York Times came to UVU to talk about climate change. He began his talk with an excise that many of use are probably familiar with. He said close your eyes, and think of us place that is paradise, your oasis, you go to place when you are feeling not so grand. He said in when we are thinking of this place did you think of things like cars, buses, mobility, light, heat, technology, and such. In most cases you did not think of these things, or at least I didn’t. Many of these things are overlooked for sure.
Another thing that Tom talked about is the government’s involvement. How much should the Government really be involved? I was talking to my friend about this, and the light bulb discussion came up. The government in some undetermined date is going to make us get rid of all the incandescent and replace them with florescent bulbs. It is not the governments place to regulate personal things like that. Also how would they regulate something like that, are they going to go in to each house and check each light fixture, that is ridicules. But on the other hand if the government doesn’t start regulating things are the common people going to but forth effort towards becoming greener? You would hope so but they probably wont.
One of the next things that Tom brought up was how the big counties are the big contributors to green house gases. I think that sometimes that we bail out the small countries too much. We should do our part, but to so much that it cause stress on us.
I started asking peoples thoughts about climate change my friend Nate Pease had this to say, “Well I think we should preserve the polar bears at all cost, even if that means sacrificing the American dream and reverting back to the stone age.” All though he was being sarcastic his view is interesting. Some people are really pessimistic about it. It does sometimes seem like we are using a lot of our resources to fight it. I think most people in our area are not really confronting it. People think if its not real its not going to happen.
Something else that comes up with this talk of climate change is becoming green. It is important that we become stewards of our environment. Some of the easiest things that we can do are right in front of us. Whenever we go in to Salt Lake, we can ride that Trax. As we go to our different things through the community we can do our best to carpool. We should do out best to support green products and green companies. When we are looking to support a company we should look at their core values and what they are doing for the environment. Lets look at a company like Patagonia. They use a lot of recycled products when making their clothing.
As we think more about the environment and what it has done for us we will realize that we need to do our part to give back. Doing simple things to reduce our carbon footprint will help our environment.

What are your thoughts, what should we do about the environment?

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