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Alice in Wonderland Thoughts

March 6, 2010

Spoiler Alert

Yesterday I saw Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  It was a overall great film the acting was super great.  The effects were awesome.  The story was the really good.  Some of the stuff in the story really got to me.

One of the lines that was said by the red queen, “Is it better to be loved or to be feared”  This makes me really think.  In the movie the Red Queen has to think about this.  She thought that she was loved, Though afterwards she finds out that she is feared.  She thinks of her sister the White Queen and how her followers respond to her.  In the end she chooses to that is better to be feared.  I was talking to my friends about this idea, and they said of course it is better to be loved, but can one be loved and feared at the same time?  Then I thought of God we love God, yet we fear him.  But I could not think of any other examples.

Then comes the story of Alice.  When she goes in to the underland, she is brought to the wise and all knowing Absolom.  It was for told that Alice would slay the Jabberwakie, this mythical creature that terrorized and killed many of the White Queens followers.  Yet when Alice first got there Absolom said she wasn’t quite Alice.  When Alice was told that she was the one to slay the Jabberwakie, she said that there was no way that she could do it even if her life depended on it.  Alice keep going through the rest of her adventure.  She keeps on growing and getting stronger.  She ends up finding her way to the White Queens Castle, and again comes to Absolom.  She asks him, why am I to defeat  the jabberwakie, because you said I was not Alice.  Then he says something very wise, I said you were not quite alice, I did not say that you weren’t alice.  But now I see that you are the most like Alice you will ever be.  How often do we pretend to be something that we are not, How often do we do thinking that we don’t want to do?  As we get experience and such we will grow.  Alice thought that she could never slay the Jabberwakie but in the end she accomplishes that.  If we strive to do our best then we will be able to over come anything.

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