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Survey results so far

May 25, 2010

Its been about a week since I posted my survey on Survey Monkey.  If you haven’t taken it, I invite you to. My survey was about wedding and photography prices. It was a 8 question survey.

The Questions included,

1. How much money would you spend on photography for your wedding?
2. How much are you willing to spend on a whole wedding?
3. What do you think the worth of a disc of pictures from a photo shoot is worth?
4. How much would you pay for a custom wedding album?
5. What is the biggest print size that you would purchase?
6. In your opinion what do you think should come in a wedding photography package?
7. What are you willing to pay for a portrait session?
8. Please enter some info about your self, including male/female, Single/Married, Profession, Where you live, and Average household income.

So far only 30 people have taken the survey.  Most of the people being single females from Utah County.

Some of the most interesting responses that I have gotten,

In regarding to the cost of a whole wedding, “not more than 5,000. It shouldn’t cost more than a sports car”
In regards to cost of a CD, “You keep the pictures forever.. worth a ton.. $3-400?”
In regards to cost of an album, “at my age, not much”
In regard to what show be included in a wedding package, “lots and lots of facebook tagging :)”

I have got my own impressions for the data that I have collected so far.
It surprises me how little value people have for photography, and yet some what it didn’t.  I wish people would but more value in photography.  As I get more responses  to my survey I will continue to make my impressions.  Once I get around 150 responses I will write a full report.

Until then,

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